Thursday, 25 March 2010

18" wheels. Number one test.....

At long last things seem to be going rather well, not that there have been any disasters to date.

My efforts at mass production have paid off with the 18" forming tools being completed, the first etches pressed and the first 'rigged up' demo wheel completed.

Pressing had one hic-cup which was expected, and a surprise, which like all surprises, was not. I had hoped that the stainless frets would stretch their spokes, but once more the centre ring split. I believe the term is hairline fracture, you can see it, but no light shows through. The surprise was the inner etch. As expected it failed to shape properly on the tool made to it, but when put on the tool for outer spokes (greater angle) came out spot on, no breaks.

I can only guess that there are no weak points and the etch comes to the conclusion that it is beat, and will just have to stretch a little.

Needless to say, the brass etches came out fine, and it is these which feature in the wheel below.

The wheel nut of course is wrong for an Aston (this is LM14) but right for an SS Jag for example.
Wheel rim edges were not flanged much back then, but rolled. These rims, for practical purposes need to be 50% oversize.
The intention is to make a full set of wheels for LM14, probably using the brass etches.
Perhaps the first of the Alfa wheels will appear next week, though playing with the cross laced etches will get the better of me.

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  1. Peter, those wheels look absolutely amazing. You must have extraordinary patience!

    Really looking forward to seeing the finished pieces on a completed car.