Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Healey 3000

I've always had a soft spot for Healeys as my dad worked on them in the fifties. Healey bodies were assembled by Jensen in West Bromwich along with a few other subcontracted models. The early ones were all beaten by hand and today command ridiculous money. If you can find one.

There's nothing really special about this model, other than it being one of the early Scalextric models. It went quite well in its day and if I remember correctly, was a proper slider!

This one I inherited from an old chap around twenty years ago. His son had fled the nest many years before and after clearing out his loft, he presented me with this very fine specimen.

I keep it in it's original box and it rarely sees the light of day. So, I gave it a bit of a dust and a clean, popped on some wire wheels and took a few pics.
I'm glad I did as I think it looks quite cute.

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