Friday, 12 March 2010


Further fettling on the DB5c. The hard and soft tops along with the toneau are all pretty much there in form, although I can't help but think that they're all a little oversize compared with the rest of the car. The wing lines are really pleasing now, giving a lovely flowing shape.
The shutline for the bootlid was cut by hand using a no. 11 Swann Moreton scalpel blade, copious amounts of filler primer and lots of patience. The rear lamp treatment is very similar to the DB4, but with a slight twist. Where the panel wraps round the lamp cluster, there is a very slight cut off witht he result that the lower of the three lamps is more exposed than the top one.
I wondered seriously as to whether or not I could achieve this, but after applying a couple of heavy coats of primer/filler and leaving it to dry completely, I did manage to slice a little off with a new blade and dress it a little with a touch of 400 wet and dry.

The front bumper needs a little attention at each end to make it follow the contours of the bodywork and to enable it to sit level.

I'm not toally convinced I have my angles correct for the A posts. The should lean in at 72 degrees and lean back at 55. Measuring these angles on the car is very difficult, so I guess i'll have to get them as close as I can by eye.

The oil cooler scoop and brake cooling ducts need to be added to the front valance in much the same way as the DB4. Door shut lines to finish off along with the side vent and flash.
The next challenge is the interior. Mk2 seats to come along soon along with the finished dash, door cards and transmission tunnel. Should be interesting.

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