Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Another Hardtop and some MGs.

Another long term project started some 4 years ago, it keeps getting delayed because I keep losing the hardtop, usually finding it somewhere 'safe' and 'easy to remember'.

The right hand car which is actually nearing completion is inspired by the car belonging to a friend from way back, an ex-Le Mans 1965 MGB. I like the car as it is now, not with the awful droop snoot which it raced with, thus this model will be built as a Marathon de la Route car. Probably.

The centre car is the beginnings of a Sebring MGC, or to use its' correct designation, MGC GTS.

The left hand car is simply a body on which to make the 'Special Tuning' spoiler, an extra fitted to most racing B/C/V8 cars today, and will probably end up as an open top racer.

The 'works' hardtop is made from styrene sheet cut into 3mm strips, then built up over the original Airfix hood, basically using the original part as a jig.

The old Airfix model was pretty dire from the day it came out, but is basically correct. The more recent the moulding, the worse they are, so goodness knows what the latest ones are like.

The body sides below the trim strip and the front valence have a fair bit of filling, then a new trim strip is fitted. The paint is basic Humbrol, the trim strip is covered in aluminium foil, the headlamps and radiator grille are from John at Classic Slot.

The chassis half hard 16g aluminium and will have a modified Airfix steering unit fitted.

That makes 8 so far. I think there are rather more than 12 to go......


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