Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Pressing times....

A period of experimentation on 15" wheels.

The stainless wheel etches obviously vary a fair bit. One of todays efforts for the first time broke a spoke, so I now have failures in 3 different areas using the same tool and method, that is, spoke failure, fracture of the inner ring (which is trying to expand) and deformation of the outer ring (which is trying to contract). None of course cause any problem, since the fractures are so small and the distorted rim is modest, and out of sight.

As an aside, it was interesting to note that the edges of the brass etches were much cleaner, and of course just one tiny nick creates a weak point.

The brass etches form perfectly

There has been much changing of angles of tools which is a very labourious process, mainly because my lathe (old Myford) has two operating modes. Normal, where the quick change tool post can be used with its' nice easy tool height adjustment, or abnormal, which is required to make the forming tool angles, where an adaptor plate is required and the quick change post can rarely be used.

The 18" tools are nearing completion, partly because I have three Astons which need them, LM14 in post Le Mans stripped and supercharged form, CMC 614 in a similar state, and a 1935 Le Mans private entry.

Pictures over the weekend?


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  1. I'm interested to see that you are working on a model of LM14. The original was owned and raced by my father (who added the supercharger), having bought it from the AM works. I know a bit about the subsequent history of the car but would like to find out more. If you can help, my email is: