Friday, 19 March 2010

And a bit more again on wheels

A few pictures.
These are the etches I hope to fit into wheels. Top left are the experimental parts, the left two etches for some of the meatier cars, the right hand ones for the humble MGB. The two larger diameter etches will have the outer rings removed to permit the spokes to be threaded through the other etch, thus gaining cross laced wheels. I had a play with a pair of 14" MGB etches, these show promise. I'm not so sure about the 15" ones, we will have to see.
Bottom left are the etches for 18" wheels, bottom right the 15" wheels, the more densly packed etches being for the inner spokes. Note that where the crossed spokes meet the rim, gaps exists. These gaps are filled by the outer spokes. The lacing patterns are correct for Dunlop wheels, as indeed are the experimental etches.

Top right are the 19" Alfa Romeo etches. The Borrani wheels used at the time had two different spoke patterns, this being the more common. These will be interesting and I'm still not decided exactly how I will make these wheels....

Below are a few press tools. The parts on the top are the components of a tool to dish the large Penelope Pitlane etches which I will use on my SSKL. The centre part is the female former which is lightly recessed to locate the etch, the centre spigot being to help giude the male former (to left) and also to keep the etch true. To the right is the clamp ring, the main purpose of which is to clamp the outer ring of the etch in order to avoid distortion, though it is made to help guide the male former.

The tool at the bottom is a new double ended one which will be for the 15" etches. The tools take only a short time to actually make, but setting up takes a bit longer. Thus tools for the 18" and 19" etches must be made whilst the set-up is there.

Below is a standard 15" wheel which shows the layout well. It is actally for an early Austin Healey, though pretty well standard for all cars fitted with the type of wheel. inner spokes are at an approx. 5 degree angle, though outer spokes are more extreme at approx. 15 degrees. The only wheels I have seen with dished spokes are Slot Classic, I'm sure most are just flat.

As will be seen the spokes are all toward the outer face of the wheel, indeed they are actually outside the wheel well, a situation dictated by the need to have the wheel bearings pretty central.

I reckon I can get a king pin in as shown....


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