Monday, 5 July 2010

214 in Munich

I've recently been having regular contact with a guy by the name of Claus Eisenschink who lives in Germany. He recently purchased one of my 214 kits and he's been sending me updates on how the build has been progressing. He's fitted a full interior, requiring the motor to be mounted up front, just where it should be and also a lighting kit. How on earth he's cramming all that lot inside the 214 bodyshell is beyond me. But here are a few photographs to prove it.
He's also remade the lamp covers with a view to making them much flusher than they were originally.
When this one's finished i'm sure it will look splendid and perform really well. I'm not sure of the chassis at the moment but i'm sure Claus will be only too happy to take further pictures and let me show more.

Lovely stuff Claus, keep it going!

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