Monday, 5 July 2010

Tom Wysoms HRG

Tom has his own blog so probably won't be posting much stuff on here, which is a bit of a shame. So i've taken the liberty of posting a few images of the HRG that he's been working on for a while. These obscure '50 sportscars do have an appeal and I find them totally fascinating. I know very little about this particular car, but I can see why Tom decided to model it. Looking at photo's of the fullsize car, and there aren't that many, it seems he's captured it very well and as the mock up below shows, it looks very period and absolutely glorious. You'll notice the lack of a radiator grill, which is one item I believe Tom had a right game with. So to finish it off, I offered to get a few made in photo etched stainless steel. These are expected at some point this week and will complete what is probably a unique model. To see it in more detail, just click on the image.The wheels are by Peter Seager Thomas who seems to making scale wire wheels into something of a crusade. I'm glad he is as he's begining to show some really nice results after eighteen months work. A good model will always be set off by a proper set of wheels and tyres, so Peters work is just what the hobby needs.
On the tyre front, Peter and myself are working on certain tyre sizes that will suit this type of car. They are Scalextric tyres which we are reproducing in a soft resin and although there are the inevitable production teething troubles, they seem pretty good. Peter reports that the level of grip is good and all we need to know now, is how they wear. Two sizes will be available initially, the fronts from both the Ferrari 156 Sharknose and the 375 from the early fifties.
Anyway, young Tom has promised me a Hurg body(well that's what he calls it) and i'm very much looking forward to getting my hands on it (or two!). More of the same please.

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