Saturday, 24 July 2010

A Complete Zagato

Well I guess it's been quite a while coming, but it's finally finished and it looks very pleasing. The final touch was to just nudge the side glazing a little more so that it fitted snug and flush. Anything else and the photo etched frames wouldn't have sat right. The front and rear screen trims require a little bending to get them to seat properly too, but the material is very receptive to being curved between thumbnail and forefinger. The idea of the window frames was to hide those awful gaps that are found on most kits. It's a feature that I find always lets down a model, along with windows that sit too far in. I started out with the intention of correcting these faults and I think i've achieved my aim.
The trademark Zagato "Z" on the side of the car is to scale and is an exact replica of the real thing. Windscreen wipers although very delicate, have a half etch just below the blade, allowing a ninety degree bend enabling them to sit against the glass as they should do. Amazing what photo etching allows you to do.

The grill is a two part piece, with the vertical bars being half etched again. This gives the illusion that they are actually behind the horizontal bars, again, just as they should be. To finish it all of, the interior mirror gives a nice three dimensional touch.
When John Bolster road tested the car in the early sixties, he described it as being "fierce beyond belief. I'm not sure I agree with his sentiments, but it certainly has a prescence. Job done.

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