Saturday, 10 July 2010

Silver Birch DB5.

No, not that one. This is my convertible. Peter's kindly let me have a few sets of his wheels now, and as a fully built and painted set arrived in the post of Friday morning, I thought i'd better do something with them. The only Aston Martin that i'm currently working on that would have used fifteen inch wheels, is the DB5. The wheels are actually suited to smaller sports cars really, but are ok on the 5. In the package along with the wheels were two tiny items replicating Borrani spinners. Left and right hand of course. Again Mr Seager Thomas has captured these to perfection and do finish of the wheels very nicely.
After fitting up the wheels to the axles, the chassis was lined up to the body, so it's all of a piece now. I thought i'd more or less managed to get the ragtop looking ok after taking a lot of material off, only for it to break into three seperate pieces. It happens. I moved onto the body and deciced to take advantage of the light and get some paint on the car with a view to taking some photographs. A tin of silver paint has been winking at me for a few weeks now so I thought this was probably the one to try it on.

Considering it's straight out of an aerosol, it's gone on quite well. I'm not sure if this will polish, but a quick rub over with a dry cloth gave it a little age, if nothing else. The paint is very flat with the sparkle being remarkably fine.
Front view showing wonky front bumper, and the paint showing the lines. This was probably the most single popular colour when this car was new. Apart from the obvious reason, I can see why. Silver certainly does show the car in all it's glory.
The last shot clearly shows Peter's fabulous work on the spinner. Only me, the most fussy, eye for detail nutter on the planet, could put the wrong one on!

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