Wednesday, 7 July 2010

214 Progress.

This morning I received further photographs of the 214 from Claus in Munich. His headlamp cover treatment, I must say is really very good and very much like it should be. He's discarded my idea and used the covers from the DBR1, which are slightly bigger. These have been cut down and set into slight recesses around the lamp apertures and appear to be fairly flush. Just as they should be. The photo etched sliding window frames have also been replaced by some rather neat hand painting. Claus is just awaiting delivery of paint now to finish it off and no doubt when complete, the finished model will be a credit to him.
Front view of the car shows the covers, with the trims to the covers again hand painted. The sit of the car looks right, the set of the wheels also look right.
All primered up ready for the final coat. Very nice Claus!

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