Wednesday, 7 July 2010


The other part of the package that I bought off Marlon, is this DB2. The first real sporting Aston Martin after David Brown had taken the company over. This was a later development of what was initially a competition car, with quite a few modifications to make it a little more civilised. Designed by Frank Feeley, who came from Lagonda, the car was fitted with a 2.6 litre twin cam straight six. Known as the LB6, it was designed by Willie Watson and W.O. Bentley. The LB standing for Lagonda Bentley.A very handsome car for it's day and of course, stupidly expensive. The model doesn't really represent any particular car, more a typical club racer. Detailed in my usual way using Bare Metal Foil and litho plate, again it turned out much better than I imagined it would.
Wheels again are by Peter Seager Thomas and are really a little small for this model. All the DBs up to the final series of DB4s ran on sixteen inch wheels, whereas these are Peters fifteens. Again the glazing wasn't up to the required standard, so a pattern was made for a replacement screen. The rear is as per kit, but the side windows are from flat sheet and still don't fit too well.
The paint is my own mix, with Battleship grey being what I was aiming for. The body itself is a copy of Pierre-yves Labeaus fabulous Proto-Slot Kit and somewhere along the way, lost the nice finish to the resin. A fair bit of work therefore was required to get it to look like it does. I had an email from Pierre-yves recently, expressing his displeasure at me buying a copy. Oops! I won't be doing that again!

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