Thursday, 15 July 2010

Scale Hardware

A site i've recently been introduced to stocks some very interesting and useful items. Scale Hardware over in the US offers a wide range of miniature rivets, hex nuts and bolts, either threaded of simulated, washers, acorn nuts, taps and micro socket wrenches. The rivets start at 0.4mm and are priced quite reasonably with a pack of 100 costing $10.00 plus shipping. What that is in real money, I have no idea, but it sounds good value to me. All items are available in either brass or stainless steel, with the latter costing a little more.
Chris Clark in Texas recently finished off a beautiful 1/24 scale Ferrari P4 and fitted nearly 500 rivets, with each hole being drilled by hand.
The uses are endless I would imagine and i'll certainly be giving them a try. One of the details I wish to include on the DB5 convertible is the fasteners around the soft top and tonneau. I think these guys have the answer.

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