Thursday, 11 February 2010

Boy have I got a wheel problem

Ok, so I'm sitting and waiting for the weather to warm up, luck it's going to snow tonight! This is Atlanta, hot, mint juleps, southern bells...none of which seam to exist any more, anyway busy working away on a 64 BRP, one of Steve/Martin's (now there's a slip), getting it into good shape, and the mail man (sorry postman) arrives.
Tony has sent two Austin 7 racer bodies, and the Mrs JoJo one is fantastic, and Tony's Special is pretty fine too.
NOW THE QUESTION! has anybody any ideas on where, or what to use for wheels and tyres, they look like 17 or 18 inchers with bicycle tyres, I've gotta build these right, rivets, scale driver and all.
Thanks to Al Penrose, I've got a beautiful Penrose special chassis that I shortened, and it fits both like a glove.
Al, have you got ant ideas, Peter, anybody?

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