Sunday, 7 February 2010


Early lunch for us on a Sunday. 1.00pm to the second. Always has been. At 12.45 i'm called to gravy duty and prepare the dressing using the juices and residue of the meat. I only use plain flour and a very small dribble of gravy browning. Stir it all up and add the water from the cooked veg. Bring up to heat, stiring slowly and allow to slightly thicken. Just don't boil it! A particularly fine offering I have to admit today as no comments were offered. If it's crap, I get told!

Well this Sunday afternnon, my intention was to do as much as possible on the DB4 body to prepare it for moulding. There is'nt much to do now with just a little sharpening up of the shut lines and a few marks and blemishes. At the same time I reshaped the grille aperture a little more to allow the grill to recesse to where it should be. With Bumpers now looking quite sparkling in the flesh, I thought i'd try and get some photo's off how it looks. And this time from a completely different angle. Most of my photo's have been of the right side of the car ie. offside. So a complete change on that front. I'm sussing the buttons on the camera too now. One at a time maybe but i'm improving. Most photographers take an awful lot of shots just to get "the one". I usualy take twenty or more at a time, sometimes a few more. But it's always worth the effort when you get a shot like this one above. It's nice to see Martin joining in and lovely to see dave Wisdom has poked his head round the door! This blog is open to all scratchbuilders, so the more the merrier!

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