Thursday, 25 February 2010

Builds on the go.

After commenting that I had over 20 cars on the go, it was suggested that I did a little write up on each one. None are straight builds, each having something done to make it special in some small way. This is the most recent to be started and will probably be completed before the summer.

TVR Griffith 400

I had a 2500 many years ago. Like driving on rails.

The Griffith 400 was introduced in 1964, a slight improvement on the Griffith 200. Officially it was a USA only car, and consisted of a TVR Grantura with a Ford 289 cu in Ford V8 fitted. They gained a reputation for high speed and abysmal quality.

The model is a chopped and modified Ocar TVR Vixen Mk II. Like the real thing, this car will have a hot motor to make it very fast and totally unmanageable. Chassis will be folded aluminium, guide will be an MRRC racing type.

Just a couple of hours to reach this stage, most being very careful measurement prior to shortening the car by approx 9/64”, or 4½ scale inches. Mk I Cortina lights will be fitted, new side vents cut, side windows reshaped and the bonnet modified to leave just a bulge, which would clear the engine air cleaner. I will probably have the bumpers off before I finish it.

Oh yes, the wheels will be 72 spoke wires, naturally….

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