Friday, 26 February 2010

Bugatti T35B

These are the last (but one) four cars from a batch of 25. The last will be a bit special. The first was made about 3 years ago.

The T35 Bugatti and its derivatives must be the the most successful and longest lasting racing car of all time, the first being built in 1924 and the last in 1938, though the type had lost its edge in the early 30’s.

All models are based around the same basic chassis, (albeit with some detail differences,) a formed aluminium part, a built up example of which sits in the foreground of the picture. All have also used the old Airfix model as their base, which was ok when it came out, but like so many, the moulds were getting very tired when they were last made. The kit does not go together particularly well, but as most oddments are discarded for slot car use, the problems are fewer.
Each will take some 60 hours to build.

All four cars in the background will have the little flat Mabuchi which provides ample power. The wheels are machined Airfix parts fitted with Scalextric Maserati/Vanwall tyres.

Plans are afoot to make similar T35 and T51 cars on the same chassis’ but with all new bodies. Not for some while yet…


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