Monday, 8 February 2010

Fettling the DBs

It's monday morning. Following the usual housework, I can settle down for the rest of the day and get something done. The DB4 is very close to completion with just a couple of areas to attend to. The original build did have one or two flaws that did'nt show up initialy. One being the grill aperture which had a slight angle to it. On very close inspection, it appeared to be sloping upwards towards the off side wing and as a result the wing line was very slightly out. I've now rectified this along with a very small alteration to the roofline. I still think the roof needs a little bit taking off as from some angles it still looks too rounded.

The bumpers now fit very well, so I transfered my focus for an hour or so, while the putty dried on the DB4. The bumpers should fit the DB4 GT and DB5 as well, so after marking where the mounting holes should go, I drilled them out very carefully with a 1.0mm drill held in a pin vice. I'm happy to report that they fit very nicely. Minor changes the respective bodies will have them looking lovely. Before the rivet counters jump in and tell me that the GT didn't have over riders, I know. However, there was just one example that did have them fitted. Just to prove i'm a complete anorak when it comes to these cars, chassis no. DB4GT0131/L was the one. Initially painted black, with black leather, I would have imagined it looked quite stunning whan it was new. The car has since been re-painted red and now resides in the United States. More fettling.


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