Wednesday, 10 February 2010

My first visit

Hi Everyone.

Breifly, my name is Dave Wisdom. I still feel relatively new to scratchbuilding, having only started back in October 2007. However, 'Scalextric' has figured in pretty much all my life since the age of 5, when my dear old departed Dad bought a set for Christmas in 1963 - a true milestone in my fascination with all things miniature. Back in the 70s I used to chop up Scalextric RTRs cars and modify them into ones not produced by manufacturers of the day. At the time I thought they looked great... Hopefully my techniques have improved since then.

I currently have quite a few builds on the bench, a couple of which are nearing completion; my Renault Dauphine for the Tendring TT event in April, and a Sunbeam Alpine for the International Sports Car Proxy event also in April. Also on the assembly line in prep for events later in the year are a Ferrari Monza 750 (Mike Hawthorn, Goodwood 9hrs 1955) and a Ferrari 166MM (Yvonne Simon, 1950 Le Mans). Once the weather sorts itself out I shall progress onto painting these two and pictures will hopefully follow accordingly!



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  1. Hi Dave, nice to see pictures of the two cars, attention to details must be pretty much at the top of your list.
    I look forward to seeing the Ferraris as I have both Monza and 166 part done. Aha, competition!