Wednesday, 17 February 2010


I may have mentioned on the forum at some point that I had a passion for Aston Martin. My favourite of the bunch has always been the DB4 GT. A shortened, lightened and more powerful version of the standard car. It's performance and handling startled roadtesters back in 1960. It still does. The pictures below show a fair amount of information gathered over a number of years. Measurements, angles, sketches, sections, curves. Pretty much everything I could see on the car was noted. The idea was to build a 1/8th scale model. Well life got in the way and it's did'nt get completed. No real surprise. But the information is now coming in very useful.

Overall dimensions.

Seat detail.
More seat detail.

General stuff.


Chassis crossmember.

Suspension components.

Wishbone detail plus trim sketches.

Grille and general measurements.

Angles and cill section.

Bonnet measurements.

Overall bodydetail.

Bumper detail.

More bumper detail.

General stuff.

Tell me if i'm mad.

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