Saturday, 6 February 2010

Day two.

Saturday, 6th February and it's moms birthday. Lots of visitors and phone calls. 84 today! And as bats as they come! Bless her. x Back on the blog, we appear to be three now. Martin Field will be flying in later, no doubt with a worthy contribution and Mr Dave Wisdom will be joining us soon too. If his Tyrrell is anything to go by, I think we're in for some lovely builds. Me, i'm back to what I do best today. Sanding. I'm working on the DB4 with a view to getting some rubber over it in the next few days. The first prototype bumper castings appeared last week and on first glance I was a little disappointed with them. The seemed to be a little pitted. The guy at Griffin Moulds explained why it happens and that there was a solution. At the same time Chris Wright suggested I tried a ladies nail buffer. Well I can report that it works and very well too. The bumpers now have a look of fine jewellery, just how I wanted them. So this afternoon i'll be listening to the baggies on the radio and gently sanding a bit of panelwork. Heaven!

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