Sunday, 21 February 2010

HELLO AND GOOD LUCK And here's a little something...

Hello folks,
I just want to wish Graham and all the people that post here the best of luck with this great blog. I probably won't be posting here much because I have my own blog, but I'll be following this one and may make the post the odd comment from time to time.
I want to give you a little treat. About eight months ago I was in touch with the present owner of Keft cars (and Coventry Climax engines too, apparently...), Peter Schroeder in the U.K.. He was enthusiastic about getting some Kieft slot cars built. That project for numerous reasons never came to fruition, however during the course of our correspondence he did share with me his ideas and illustrations for an exciting new project. Behold the NEW Kieft Corsa Veloce sports car! It looks gorgeous dunnit? It would have a CC engine too. However these things have a nasty habit of just not panning out, so this illustration and the plans here may well be the closest you'll ever get to seeing the real thing.
Now I don't really know if I"m even supposed to be posting these pics. I did write to him ages ago asking, nay, pleading with him to let me put them on my blog, but I got no answer.But he didn't tell me not to...
Anyway cheers and good luck.
Tom Wysom

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