Friday, 12 February 2010

Well it seems wheels are to be flavour of the month. Today I recieved my modified rims from Al. They look beautiful. Nice and skinny. The modification is just a simple removal of material from the inner rim. From 0.375" to 0.412". The previous version seemed to be a bit "heavy" in that department resulting in the spokes appearing to cross at too much of an acute angle. The new rims look fine and i'm hoping to get a set built up over the weekend. One aspect of the wheels i've shown so far is that they all appear to have a polished appearance. The next set I intend to paint. So armed with a little tin of hammerite smooth silver, thinners and a clean airbrush, i'm off to the shed! I'll be posting photo's of the build as I go along. Watch this space!

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