Monday, 8 February 2010

Hello one and all....

Well Graham, I found out how to get in.

A question asked you referred to who may contribute to the entries and the answer must be that it will be by invitation, which suits me well.
My hope is that all contributors will be at least be endeavouring to build scale models, if not quite achieving that result.
I look forward to seeing the project develop, well done on starting it!

My own efforts of recent have been hampered by the moderate weather which has in turn led to much gardening type effort and subsequent lack of model progress.

Recent progress is thus, with a brief explanation for those who may not know me.

The first wire wheels should be done by the end of the month and I am thus working on various cars to fit the wheels to. Ally rims, etched spokes and whitemetal wheel nuts, all pretty close to the original form with correct dished spoke pattern.

15"x 48 spoke, side laced. Typical of the 1950's sports cars, Healey 100, MGA, Lotus Elite etc. I will either finish my Healey 100S or perhaps put them on one of Tom Wysoms HRGs.
I am doing patterns for a number of whitemetal parts for the Healey, so this may take a while.

18"x 60 spoke, side laced. A late 30's wheel. Made specially for proper Aston Martins. I am doing a pre-war version of CMC 614 when it had a supercharger fitted.

19"x 60 spoke triple laced. Made specially for Alfa Romeos. I am working on both 8C Monza and P3 models, these wheels are for the former. The car being built is a 'Le Mans' chassis with 4 seater body and enclosed spare.

14"x 60 spoke cross laced. An experiment. I know they will work, but am also aware that a steady hand and much patience will be in order. These are for a works MGB, but like all the wheels, will suit other cars.

15"x 72 spoke. All the last wire high performance wheeled cars used this type of wheel. I will use them on E Type Jag and AC 289, or Cobra to most folk.

Having spent much time aquainting myself with AutoCAD, I am now looking to make other parts.

Top of the list are parts to allow proper steering front wheels. The design is based on that used by MRRC, that is, a formed, folded steering knuckle with turned stub axles. If the king pin can be located close to the wheel hub rather than the car centreline, I can use the system on the Healey.

The Alfas are taking a long time, though I note that my wheel project started over a year ago, so I have another few months before I feel I am falling behind. The 1932 Monaco car is planned, as are the 1932 Monza P3 and the 1935 German GP car, all still in the melting pot.

I reckon that's it.

I will follow the blog with interest. Thanks for the invite Graham.


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