Friday, 19 February 2010

Ferrari again....

Another playing around job. This is a Monogram/MRRC body on an MRRC chassis, and as with so many of my cars, was a 'test build'.
Sold as a 275P I think it is actually a 1963 250P.
This was yet another experiment with wheels, and was my first bash at putting together etched wheels.
The etches themselves were kindly sent to me by Steve Ward of Penelope Pitlane, a leftover from his 1/43rd days. Strictly speaking they are about a millimetre too small, but they did the job to a degree.
One of the features of most etched wheels which I dislike is that the outer ring of the outer etch is usually visible, usually accompanied by a gap around the outside of that etch. One of the objects of this exercise was to rectify that situation.
The wheels themselves are to pretty much the usual pattern with a rear boss and grub screw fitting. The etches were painted then placed in position. A tight fitting retaining ring was then pressed into place, then carefully machined to shape.
On these wheels, the well is far too deep, but the well depth is needed to accomodate the etch diameter. The error shows up less on the rear wheels than the front.
The tyres are Fly GT40, the knock-on nuts are the items from the kit and are all right handed...

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