Friday, 12 February 2010

Glorius stuff fellas! Peter I do like your spinners. Any more information on them? And I assume you've drawn the spoke pattern etches on the PC?
The Ferrari looks pretty nice too. I'd be interested in the shade of red on that one Dave. And do you polish or leave as is?
I hope to be assembling wheels tomorrow too, so were going to be over run with 'em! I've got paint on but I think it's a little too grainy/sparkly. I'll give another set another flash over with the paint thinned out further. That should cure it. The spokes need another coat to try and give them a bit more body, but there's always the danger of losing the delicacy. The spinners I have in stock are from Martin/Steve and have polished up very nicely, so i'm looking forward to seeing the whole lot glued together. I'm afraid I only have 48 spokes and I think anymore would look like there's just too much metal. We'll see they turn out. Night, night.

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