Monday, 15 February 2010


I believe the correct attire is white overalls, green jacket and midnight blue helmet with white peak.

The car is coming along nicely Dave. I bought a couple of the MMK cars and am just prepping the first for primer, though I am not yet sure which car I will model. There are plans afoot to do most of the significant Ferrari cars from the Scuderia ALFA Monza, through the TRs up to perhaps 512.

A nice piece on the wheels Graham. I wondered what they comprised of and how they went together. So very time consuming, but I doubt that there is any swift way of producing such things.

The weekend saw the slot routine re-established. Work on an Austin Healey 100S body is now nearing the time when a mould needs to be made, the chassis for my SSKL Mercedes is slowly progressing whilst my 'quickie' XK120 is taking forever.


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