Sunday, 14 February 2010

Well here are all the bits ready to assemble a set of my idea for wire wheels. I've said it before and i'll say it again. They're very delicate and prone to damage during handling and assembly, so whether or not anybody takes the plunge and wants to have a go with these wheels, I guess time will tell. Als modified rims really are beautifully machined and being of the new skinny variety, will suit the Astons well.

The photograph shows the wheel/tyre combination, brake discs, spacers, spoke set and spinners. The spacers are .55mm brass that I had etched when I had the first DBR1 chassis. But as a good replacement I guess brass washers could be used instead. The tyres are the fronts from a Scalextric 375 F1 Ferrari, but i'll change these soon for the sharknose variety. The discs are also photo etched items being the correct diameter, for Astons at least. To give a little realism to the discs I held them in my mini drill using a screw in the chuck and with a touch of 600 wet and dry, gave them a spin.The circular scratches look much better than the stainless steel in mill finish. The spokes are the two part etchings that i've mentioned on numerous occasions. and the spinners are from FF. Next step is to glue the parts together!

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